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Transporting Firearms by Car from Florida to Arizona

Question: I am a resident of floria, but will be relocating to Arizona. I have CCW permits in several states, Fla, Utah, etc.  I do not have a permit specific to Arizona, yet.  I expect to drive from
Florida to Arizona in two weeks.

I have a 12 gauge Trap gun, 2 kimber 45 caliber pistols, 1 FN Five Seven and 1 Walther PPS.  I will carry either the Kimber or Walther as my concealed firearm.  I also have approximately 800 rounds of 45 cal and about 400 rounds of 12 gauge.

What do you recommend beyond ammo stored in locked ammo cases, and guns cased and locked?

Answer: Sounds you have a nice collection of firearms.  As far as transporting the guns, cased and unloaded will be fine for all states that you are traveling through.  There is a federal law on the books that permits you to transport in that condition, even though you might be going through a state that has more restrictive local firearms laws.  As far a concealed carry during your travels, your Florida permit should be adequate assuming a southern route through Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  All those states recognize the Florida permit.

Once you become an Arizona resident, you will need to get an Arizona permit.  Usually the thing that puts you in that situation is getting an Arizona driver license and plates.  Arizona permits non-residents to carry on an out-of-state permit, but if you are a resident, they want you to have an Arizona permit.

I hope you’ll consider taking a look at our CCW classes when the time comes.  We give one of the best in the state…

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Do I have to volunteer that I have a AZ CCW during a traffic stop?

Question:  My wife and I will be visiting from Alabama.  Are Arizona and New Mexico proclaimation states. This is our first trip out west.

Answer: You should note that New Mexico does not recognize the Alabama concealed weapons permit at this time.  This information was taken directly from the New Mexico DPS website.  Arizona does honor the Alabama permit.

In Arizona you are not required to volunteer your status as a Arizona CCW permit holder or whether or not you are armed.  Similarly, in New Mexico you are not required to notify the officer that you are in possession of a permit or a firearm.  However, in both states if you are asked you must present your permit on request.  Additionally, in both states the officer can take possession of your firearm for the duration of the traffic stop.  This is primarily for their safety.  It will be returned to you at the end of the traffic stop if there are no other irregularities such as an altered serial number or the firearm has been reported stolen.  In every case I have seen, the firearm is returned to you in an unloaded condition.

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Handgun Ownership by Arizona "Snowbirds"…

Question: I am a Canadian “snowbird”.  I live in Arizona for about 5 months out of the year but I am a Canadian citizen – not an American citizen.  I do not have a green card.  Can I legally purchase a hand gun in Arizona and leave it in my Arizona condo when I return to Canada?

Answer: Unfortunately, only resident aliens and US citizens are allowed to purchase firearms.  Since you are here most likely here on a non-resident visa, you cannot legally purchase or possess a firearm in the United States, which would also include Arizona.  Possession of a firearm by a non-resident alien is a felony crime.  It is also a felony for anyone to provide you with a firearm by either giving it to you or selling it to you.

Should you decide to visit a shooting range that rents firearms, you are OK as you are just using a firearm owned by another while you are at the range.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

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Concealed Carry using an Alaska CCW permit by Active Duty Military…

Question:  I am in the Air Force and I am stationed and a resident of Alaska.  I am being stationed in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have an Alaska CCW.  I was wondering when I get to Arizona can I keep my Alaska CCW or do I have to become a Arizona resident since I will be living there even if I’m in the military and my state of residence is Alaska?  Does the training course from Alaska which is 12 hours transfer to my application for a Arizona CCW or will I have to do it all over?

Answer:  Since you are in the US Military and are being stationed here as part of your official duties, you are not required to become an Arizona resident.  You can legally carry using your Alaska CCW permit, but you must carry in compliance with Arizona law.  Unfortunately, your training in Alaska does not transfer to Arizona as far as Arizona CCW permit training is concerned.  You might still want to take the Arizona course as it will teach you Arizona law regarding use of force and where you can legally carry your firearm the course is only 8 hours can be found at a reasonable price.

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Concealed Carry by Returning Military Using an Out-of-State CCW Permit

Question:  I am in the military currently  stationed in North Dakota and have a valid North Dakota CCW permit.  Being in the military you do not have to become a resident of whatever state you are stationed in, so I never changed my residency.  I am going to be moving back to AZ which is my home of residence. I have read that if you are a resident of AZ only an AZ permit is legal. Is this 100% true? And if it is, is there any leeway such as a grace period or is my ND permit not valid once I hit the state lines?

Answer: First, I want to thank you for your service to our country and to the American people.  To answer your question, if you have maintained your Arizona residency and still have your Arizona driver license, you will need to get an Arizona permit when you return to the state.  Arizona recognizes non-resident permits from other states but does not recognize an Arizona resident carrying an out-of-state permit.  There is no ‘grace period’.  You will need to take an Arizona permit course once you return.  Right now, the application process takes from 8-10 weeks.  If you plan to be home on leave, I’d probably invest a day and get your class behind you.  Otherwise, when you get back to Arizona, you will need to take the Arizona CCW Permit course.  I hope you’ll consider giving us a call.

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New Mexico Concealed Carry with an Arizona CCW Permit…

Question:  I am a resident of New Mexico but I am on vacation yearly in AZ. I’d like to receive my CCW in AZ so I can take my class in AZ with a friend. First; can I receive a CCW from AZ if I am a NM resident?  Will my CCW from AZ be accepted here in NM.  Please provide me with any information you may have.  Thank you

Answer: Any legal US resident can take the class for, apply for and be issued an Arizona CCW permit.  You do not have to be a resident of Arizona.  You do have to take the training within the boundaries of Arizona.  As a resident of New Mexico, you will need to get a New Mexico permit if you are interested in concealed carry in New Mexico.  They will not permit you to carry concealed on a non-resident (Arizona) permit if you are a New Mexico resident.  The New Mexico permit is recognized in 20 states, while the Arizona permit is recognized in 30 states.

Your AZ permit would allow you to carry in the following states that don’t currently recognize the New Mexico permit:  Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and West Virginia.

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Transporting a Firearm on an Airline

Question: Can I fly from AZ to GA with my firearms and if so what are the requirments to do so?  I know they have to be unloaded and declared when booking the flight, other than that what is the process?

Answer:  Actually, the process is pretty simple.  First, you need to contact the specific carrier and ask them what their process is.  The general process can vary based on the particular carrier.  For most airlines the process works something like this:

  1. Arrive at the airport early to have plenty of time to check you luggage and your firearm before the flight.
  2. Go to the check-in counter.  You can’t check a firearm at curbside luggage.
  3. When you get to the counter, ask the airline agent for a ‘firearms declaration form’.  You will need to fill this out and return it to the agent.
  4. You will then need to show the unloaded firearm to the agent.  Make sure it is unloaded before you get to the airport.
  5. Also, since a firearm in the airport might make some nervous, low key, safe gun handling is good.
  6. Your firearm must be locked in a hard-sided case if you have soft luggage.  If you have hard luggage, you can simply lock the firearm in the suitcase.
  7. I suggest you use TSA approved locks on your luggage and / or gun case.  This will eliminate the need for you to send your keys downstairs when the TSA inspects your luggage.
  8. A copy of the firearms declaration goes into your luggage along with the gun.
  9. Ammo usually needs to be separate from the gun.  Personally, I just by my ammo on the other end rather than carry it in my luggage.
  10. If you need a large quantity of ammo, you can consider drop shipping it to someone at your destination.

That’s about it other than airline specific variations in policy.  When the luggage arrives at the other end, you simply pick it up like you would normally.  Since your luggage contains a firearm, I’d be really alert to make sure someone doesn’t take your bag by mistake.  After thirty years of business travel, I have found that luggage mixups can occur pretty frequently.  More frequently than most people realize.

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Updated – States That Recognize the Arizona CCW Permit

March 26, 2009 AZ CCW Laws, Out-of-State Carry, State Firearms Laws Comments Off

As of March 19, 2009 the states that currently recognize the Arizona CCW Permit are:

1.    Alabama
2.    Alaska
3.    Arkansas
4.    Colorado
5.    Delaware
6.    Florida
7.    Georgia
8.    Idaho
9.    Indiana
10.    Kansas
11.    Kentucky
12.    Louisiana
13.    Michigan
14.    Mississippi
15.    Missouri
16.    Montana
17.    New Hampshire
18.    New Mexico
19.    North Carolina
20.    North Dakota
21.    Ohio
22.    Oklahoma
23.    Pennsylvania
24.    South Carolina
25.    South Dakota
26.    Tennessee
27.    Texas
28.    Utah
29.    Virginia
30.    West Virginia
31.    Wyoming

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Concealed carry in Arizona when relocating from another state…

March 2, 2009 AZ CCW Laws, Legal Issues, Out-of-State Carry Comments Off

Question:  I’m moving from Michigan to Arizona.  I have a Michigan CCW.  I’m trying to find out what the laws are for having my CCW and continuing to carry my pistol.

Answer: First, welcome to Arizona.  Arizona is a fabulous place to live and has the added benefit of being very firearms friendly.  You will be able to carry your pistol concealed here in Arizona on your Michigan permit until you begin to establish Arizona residency.  Arizona permits non-residents to carry on an out-of-state permit, but once you have a permanent address here and get your Arizona driver license, you should get an Arizona CCW permit.

This will also help you become more familiar with Arizona laws regarding concealed carry and the justified use of force for self defense.  As I’m sure you already know, laws differ widely from state to state regarding firearms and use of force.  You will be responsible for knowing Arizona law since you must carry in compliance with that law, even if you are carrying on a non-resident permit.

The Arizona CCW course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to be legal and understand the basics of Arizona law regarding firearms, justified self defense and concealed carry.  We do some of the best CCW training around if you are moving to the Phoenix area.  If you are looking for a resource in the meantime, I would recommend that you pick up a copy of the “Arizona Gun Owner’s Guide” by Alan Korwin.  It is the definitive book on Arizona law relating to firearms, concealed carry and justified self defense.  You can find copies at most Arizona gun stores or on the internet.  One place that sells them is:  http://www.tacticaldirect.com

Hope this helps you out and if you have specific questions, please visit our site again.

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Are Arizona CCW Permit Recognized by California?

Question:  I have an AZ CCW Permit.  Can I carry my handgun while in California?

Answer: California does NOT recognize the Arizona CCW permit.  You cannot carry a concealed weapon in California unless you have a California CWP.  In addition, open carry of a firearm in any incorporated area of California is also prohibited by law.  If you do decide to bring your handgun with you to California, it must be unloaded and in a locked container if it is in the passenger compartment of your vehicle.  It can also be unloaded and locked in the trunk of your car.

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