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Armed Security Guard Requirements in Arizona

Question: In Arizona, is there a statute that requires security officers who carry firearms to have firearms training?  Also, is there a statute that requires armed bouncers at a bar to have specialized training.  I’m not aware of any, but I’m wondering if you are.

Answer: Yes, in Arizona there is a statute that requires an armed security guard working for a licensed security company to have an Armed Guard card in their possession while working.  An Armed Guard card may be applied for after the completion of the 16 hour DPS approved Armed Security Guard course.  You will also need to submit an application, fingerprints to the Department of Public Safety and undergo a criminal background check.  Assuming a positive outcome on the background check, you will receive your card from DPS.  You must also be sponsored by a licensed security company.  You cannot simply take the class and get a card.

As far as being a bouncer employed by a bar, you are not required by law to have a license or training.  However, you must comply with Arizona law regarding concealed carry and possessing a firearm in a bar, if you choose to carry a firearm.  This would mean that you need to have written permission of the establishment owner to have a firearm in your possession, you cannot under any circumstances consume alcohol or use any illegal drugs while in possession of a firearm and you must possess a valid Arizona CCW permit if  you are carrying concealed.

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