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Does my firearm need to be completely concealed if I have a CCW?

November 27, 2007 AZ CCW Laws No Comments

Question:  When carrying a concealed pistol with a CCW permit in AZ, does the pistol have to be 100% concealed at all times to be legal?  There are times when my pistol barrel might poke out an inch or two below my shirt.  Is this considered illegal?  Thanks. Answer:  No, it is not illegal for your pistol to be partly exposed.  Arizona is an open carry state and the fact that your pistol is not 100% concealed is not illegal.  It does create a small problem though…since the firearm is not concealed, it may be noticed by someone who may become concerned.  They might point you out to others, report you to persons responsible for managing any facility you might be in or in some extreme cases, they may even call the police.  Unfortunately, there are folks out there who are very afraid of guns, even when legally carried.  In addition, should anyone be in the vicinity and be planning to commit a violent crime, you might be the first person they focus their attention on since you represent the greatest threat to them.  The best thing is to never let anyone know you have a firearm if you are carrying concealed.  You might want to use a longer cover garment or perhaps try and inside the waistband holster which will keep your firearm from poking out underneath your cover garment.   

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Does my firearm need to be completely concealed if I have a CCW?, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings