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AZ CCW Permit Reciprocity

Question: What exactly does this mean? When I arrive do I follow the states laws? Do I tell them I have arrrived? What exactly does this mean that other states recognize my AZCCW? Please advise. Also, where can I get the details in writing? Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions!

Answer: In terms of carrying a concealed firearm in other states using your AZ CCW permit, there are two types of arrangements between states to permit you to do this.  The first is through what is termed ‘reciprocity’ while the second is called ‘recognition’.

Reciprocity occurs when two states exchange written documentation stating that they will each honor the concealed carry permits of their respective states.  Recognition occurs when a state simply informs others that they will ‘recognize’ the validity of another state’s CCW permit if a resident of that state is a visitor.

In both cases, the permit holder must carry their firearm in compliance with the laws of the state they are visiting.  In order to avoid breaking the law, the visitor should understand the concealed carry laws of the state they are visiting.  Usually there is a summary of the relevant laws relating to concealed carry on the website of the issuing agency from each state.  In most cases the issuing agency is either the State Police or the County Sheriff.

In terms of Arizona reciprocity, the written policies are available in the Administrative Rules relating to concealed carry on the Arizona Department of Public Safety website which is:


You do not need to inform anyone of your arrival or your intention to carry a concealed firearm.

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