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Shotguns in Apartments for Home Defense…

November 10, 2009 Firearm and Caliber Advice, State Firearms Laws No Comments

Question:  Is it legal for my 20-year-old son who is married to have a shotgun in his apartment? I have his 16-gauge and double-barreled shotguns. He asked me to give him the 16-gauge for home protection (they live in Tucson, AZ). My husband wants to let him have it but I need answers to a few questions before I’ll give it to him. 1) Would it be legal for him to have it in his apartment? 2) Does he need a permit?  3) Does the weapon have to beregistered? 4) Is there an age restriction?

Thank you!

Answer: To answer your question directly, it is legal for your son to have a shotgun in his apartment.  He does not need a permit.  He is over the age restriction which is 18.  Arizona does not have any type of gun registration.  I would also tell him that my recommendation is that he use #8 birdshot in his shotgun if he intends to use it for personal defense and home protection while in his apartment.  The birdshot will create a fist sized hole in any person he would shoot at ranges of 20 feet or less.  It will also not penetrate multiple interior walls like buckshot or slugs would.  This will help him avoid any liability issues that might result from overpenetration of buckshot or slugs into other apartments that might be adjacent to his.

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