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Resident vs. Non-Resident Arizona CCW Permits

December 29, 2009 AZ CCW Laws, Out-of-State Carry, State Firearms Laws No Comments

Question: Can you apply for a residential permit by merely owning property in Arizona or do you need to apply for non residential status?  The reason for the question being the residential permit gives you more states that recognize your Arizona permit.

Answer: In terms of the issuance of the Arizona CCW permit, there is no distinction drawn between Arizona residents and non-resident that meet the requirement for issuance of the Arizona CCW permit.  Your question relates to recognition of the Arizona permit in other states.  Some states, like Florida, only recognize a concealed carry permit from another state when the permit is issued to a resident of that state.  They do not recognize ‘non-resident’ permit holders.  They do this specifically to prevent people that do not live in the state where the permit is issued from simply getting a permit to allow them to carry in other locations.

Currently Florida, Kansas, New Hampshire, South Carolina and West Virginia do not recognize ‘non-resident’ permits.  If you wish to carry these states, you must be in possession of a permit from your state of residence and that state’s permit must be recognized.

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Resident vs. Non-Resident Arizona CCW Permits, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings