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Transfering a Firearm after the Death of a Family Member

December 29, 2009 Firearms Transfers No Comments

Question:  My Dad is ill in New York and has a pistol permit there.  If something happens to him, how do I get the handgun back to Arizona.  I have a CCW here in Arizona.

Answer:  Under federal law you would normally be required to transfer the firearm using a federally licensed firearms dealer.  One of the few exceptions to that law is when a firearm is handed down from parent to child or grandparent to grandchild as either a bequest or as part of an estate when the parent or grandparent dies.  Under this specific circumstance, the firearm may simply be taken by the child or grandchild and transported home directly or via a common carrier like FedEx or UPS.  You cannot send a firearm via US Mail unless it is a rifle or shotgun.  Handguns may not be sent via US Postal Service.

You would generally want to ship it to yourself in care of a licensed firearms dealer where you live.  Both FedEx and UPS require that the firearm be sent via Next Day service.  Their intention is to limit the amount of time the package is in transit to reduce the likelihood of pilfering.  Additional there must be no markings on the outside of the package that would indicate that the package contained a firearm.

FedEx requires that the firearm be ‘non-operational’ in that either the firing pin is removed or the gun is disassembled to the point that it cannot be made operational.

Both FexEx and UPS will only accept shipments made to a licensed firearm dealer, licensed manufacturer, licensed importer or licensed collector.

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