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I am moving from Ohio to Arizona. I have an Ohio permit. Will I need to get an Arizona permit once I move?

Arizona only recognizes non-resident CCW permits from out of state.  What that means is that as long as you are a resident of another state, hold a permit and id (like a Driver’s license) from that state, you can legally carry in AZ using the out of state permit.

When you become a resident of Arizona (and you have an Arizona address and driver’s license) you must get an Arizona CCW permit to carry legally in AZ.  

Unfortunately you will have to go through an Arizona CCW permit class once you move to Arizona.  The good news is that after taking the AZ CCW class, you will have a great understanding of the specific laws in Arizona, which you probably need to know if you are going to be living and carrying a firearm in AZ.

Arizona’s CCW course is 8 hours in length, requires a live-fire qualification and also requires that you pass a written test.  You will need to submit a fingerprint card and submit to a criminal background check when you apply.  The application fee is $60.

You can visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety website for more info at: http://www.azdps.gov/ccw or you can visit the APDI website for info at the following link:   http://www.armedpersonaldefense.com 

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