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Purchasing a Firearm at 19…

January 21, 2010 Firearms Transfers, State Firearms Laws No Comments

Question: How can I legally get a pistol if I’m 19 years old?

Answer: Under Arizona law, you can legally purchase a firearm at age 18.  Under Federal law you cannot purchase a firearm from a federally licensed firearms dealer until you are 21 years old.  That means that the only way you can purchase is from a private party.  Private party transfers may occur between individuals in Arizona as long as both the buyer and seller are at least 18 years of age, the transfer is done ‘face to face’ and both parties are Arizona residents.  I do recommend that you get a bill of sale to insure there is a record of the transaction.  I also recommend that at the very least you either examine or record the drivers license information of the seller.

This is really the only way you can acquire a gun unless someone gives it to you as a gift or you inherit it from a parent or grandparent.

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