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Firearms Ownership Issues After Divorce…

March 8, 2010 Legal Issues, State Firearms Laws 1 Comment

Question: I need proof that a gun was my father’s and if it was registered in his name or not. He is deceased and my ex-husband has taken it and now I have to have proof that it was my father’s gun and  should now be mine. Thank you.

Answer: Unfortunately, if you live in Arizona, there is no ‘registration’ of guns.  The only thing that would generally serve as ‘proof of ownership’ would be a bill of sale or a household inventory that also recorded the serial number of the gun.  If you have a document such as a bequest from your father’s estate transferring the firearm to you that also had a description of the gun and / or its serial number, that would show ownership as well.

In the absence of any paperwork, you have not way to prove the gun was yours.  If the gun has sentimental value to you, perhaps speaking to your ex-husband and requesting that he give it back to you would be helpful.  If he isn’t cooperative, unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

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Firearms Ownership Issues After Divorce..., 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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  1. MzMaricopa2010 says:

    I am looking to purchase my first handgun. I’m a little intimidated by the power but also have the urge to learn how to train to shoot in all position.. I like to learn that left hand right hand switch. Anyway, I am not a big girl so I would like something small. Does anyone out there have any idea’s for my first time gun? I do like the .357 tauras. What do you think about the ultra lights?
    Thanks for your input!

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