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Should I use +P ammunition in my Springfield XD .45 caliber handgun?

July 15, 2008 Equipment Reviews No Comments

Question: I am wondering if I should use +P ammo in my Springfield XD 45.

Your Springfield can handle the +P ammo just fine. The question is whether to use it or not.

Essentially what +P ammo does is give your .45 caliber bullet a slightly higher velocity. Normal .45 ACP caliber velocities are around 850 feet per second with energy delivered being about 375 foot pounds.

The +P loads will go with a velocity of 950-975 feet per second with the energy delivered being more in the range of 450 foot pounds. Both of these are with the normal 230 grain bullet.

A +P load is a faster, more penetrating, more hard hitting round. It will generally do greater damage to any human target you shoot and get better penetration for wounding in the deep organs of the body.

This increased power comes with the trade off of increased recoil and higher cost for the ammo. Remember that you must be able to accurately deliver rounds on target for them to have any effect. If you can shoot the +P loads accurately, certainly you should feel free to use them for defensive ammo.

My H&K USP Compact .45, is always loaded with Hornady TAP, 230 gr. +P ammo. In my personal experience, it performs exceptionally.

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