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Concealed Carry in a Church School…

June 11, 2009 AZ CCW Laws, CCW Administrative Rules, Kids and Guns No Comments

Question: Hello, I just received my CCW permit after 52 days of waiting. (very excited) I currently work part-time at a church that has its own educational facilities and is not part of a public school building and the education rooms are for religious education of children from k-12.  I was wondering if private schooling is different than public schooling in regards to the allowance of CCW’s.  On a side-note I was given permission by the pastor and the parish manager to concealed carry.  But I would just like as much information as possible before I make my choice.  Thanks for everything!

Answer:  Congrats on getting your AZ CCW.  It is a lengthly process right now due to overwhelming response to the program since the beginning of November 2008.  Regarding carrying concealed on school grounds, state law does not permit you to carry a firearm on a school campus without the permission of the chief administrator of the school.  It does not matter if the school is public, private or parochial.  I would recommend that you get the permission in writing to avoid any confusion with other school staff on whether you are allowed to carry or not.

If you are concerned about carrying on church property when school is not in session, you should be fine, especially since you have the permission of the pastor and parish manager.

If you do carry on school property during school hours, you should be very diligent that your firearm stays concealed and is not observed by any students.  Additionally, you should take special care to insure that your firearm remains under your personal control and that no unauthorized person has access to it.

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